Public holidays

There are seven celebrations in Mongolia for which public holidays are observed. Holidays are generally observed on the actual date but if a holiday falls on the weekend, the government may at its discretion declare an additional day off.

Similarly, where there is only one day between a public holiday and a weekend, there have been instances where a Saturday has been turned into a working day in lieu of the Monday or Friday, allowing employees to take a longer holiday. Typically, there is very short notice of such decisions, so as an employer or business visitor, one should be aware that working hours around holidays may change as little as a week prior. Public holidays may also be granted for events such as general elections.

Public Holidays in Mongolia
Holiday observed Date observed
New Year’s Day 1 January
Tsagaan Sar (Lunar New Year) Three days in late January/early February
International Women’s Day 8 March
Children’s Day 1 June
Naadam 11 – 15 July
Chinggis Khaan’s birth date On the first day of first month of winter according to Lunisolar Calendar
Reclaimed independence and national freedom day 29 December